DARIEN, CT 06820


POSITIONPresident & CEO of Fairfield Resources International, Inc.

EDUCATIONB.S. Business Administration (Accounting) University of Connecticut. 1960

PROFESSIONAL AND                      1960-1962:      Junior Auditor
BUSINESS HISTORY                                                Arthur Andersen & Co.
                                                                              New York and Hartford

                                                     1962-1969:      Computer Marketing Representative
                                                                              IBM Corporation, Hartford

                                                     1969-1973:      Commercial Relations Manager
                                                                              IBM World Trade Corporation, New York
                                                     1973-1981:      Commercial Relations Manager
                                                                              IBM Corporation, Armonk, New York

                                                     1981-1995:      Director of Licensing
                                                                              IBM Corporation, Armonk, New York 
                                                     1995-1997:      Director of Business Development
                                                                              Intellectual Property & Licensing
                                                                              IBM Corporation, Armonk, New York

                                                     1997-Present   Founder, President & CEO
                                                                              Fairfield Resources International, Inc.
                                                                              Darien, Connecticut




Emmett Murtha formed Fairfield Resources International in 1997 after 35 years with IBM Corporation. The firm serves clients interested in developing, organizing and leveraging their intellectual assets, as well as with related strategy development, IP licensing or sale transactions and acquisitions.

At IBM, Mr. Murtha was named Director of Licensing in 1981, leading a group which acquired rights from others under patents, copyrights, trademarks and technology, and also granted licenses under IBM’s intellectual property. He was responsible as well for worldwide licensing policies and practices. Between 1987 and 1997, IBM’s annual royalty revenues grew by over seven thousand percent.

From 1995, Mr. Murtha was responsible, as Director of Business Development, for finding new ways to leverage IBM’s intellectual property and related strengths. Again, results were dramatic, with substantial transactions in medical technologies, and a continuous stream of future revenue opportunities clearly identified.

He has been a member of Licensing Executives Society for many years, including as an officer and a member of the Executive Committee. The Society has 13,000 members, of which 6000 are in North America. Mr. Murtha was President of LES USA/Canada 1999-2000. Emmett served for eight years on the board of the University of Connecticut Research & Development Corporation, retiring in September 2009. Until June 2008, he was on the board of Venomix, Inc. a startup company based on technology from the university. He also headed the Intellectual Property unit of the National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors, has been a frequent speaker on licensing, negotiating, and related topics, and is an Editorial Board member of The Licensing Journal and Patent Strategy and Management. Emmett was named a Certified Licensing Professional by the Licensing Executives Society in November 2007 in recognition of his accomplishments in and contributions to the licensing profession. On May 15, 2009 he was selected by Intellectual Asset Management magazine as a member of the IAM 250, the 250 leading IP management strategists in the world.

PROFESSIONAL AND                      Member, Licensing Executives Society, USA/Canada:
BUSINESS                                      President, 1999-2000;                         
AFFILIATIONS                                Secretary: 1995-1999;                        
                                                      Board of Trustees:  1990-2001


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